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  • Roman-era painted tomb unearthed in Jordan September 24, 2018
    In northern Jordan, a Roman-era painted tomb has been unearthed by the Department of Antiquities. An extraordinary document of religious, political, and social history that three historians and epigraphists have had an opportunity to examine, and are striving to interpret. The archaeologists cannot bless roadwork enough. Especially in Jordan. It's just that certain thrusts of […]
  • Truth? - Truth is evaporating before our eyes September 24, 2018
    On September 17, I posted my column, "Evidence is no longer a Western value." I used as an example the blame that has been put on Russia for the shot down Malaysian airliner. No evidence whatsoever exists for the accusation, and massive evidence has been presented that the airliner was shot down by the neonazis […]

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  • Africa:Africa: Stark Warning From Health Advocate September 24, 2018
    [Wellbeing Women] As the United Nations General Assembly convened its 73rd annual session of heads of state and governments, philanthropist and health advocate Toyin Ojora Saraki, deliver ed a stark warning to the world community that unless progress is accelerated in key areas, the health goals agreed by nations, multilateral organizations and civil society groups will not be […]