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  • Likelihood of a shooting war between NATO and Russia on the increase December 17, 2018
    George Szamuely is a Hungarian-born scholar and Senior Research Fellow at London's Global Policy Institute. He lives in New York City. I spoke to him about escalating hostilities on Russia's Ukrainian and Black Sea borders and about Exercise Trident Juncture, NATO's massive military exercise on Russian borders which ended just as the latest hostilities began. […]
  • SOTT FOCUS: Holiday Greetings to Our Readers! Get Your 2019 Calendar Here! December 17, 2018
    Dear readers, We would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and our very best to you for 2019. Wait... did we say holiday?! Yes, we know, world events - like SOTT editors - don't do 'holidays'. Just as there's 'no rest for the wicked', those paying attention to an increasingly crazy world […]

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  • 'Project Blitz’: Here's the new plan Christian nationalists have to seize even more power December 16, 2018
    Christian nationalism is the most important and most overlooked factor behind Donald Trump’s presidency. In the 2016 election, Trump got 81 percent support from white evangelical Christians, and a study by Clemson sociologist Andrew Whitehead and two colleagues (Salon story here) found that “the ‘religious vote’ for Trump was primarily the result of Christian nationalism,” an Old Testament-based […]
    Paul Rosenberg, Salon

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