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  • Five years on and Crimeans still strongly prefer Russia over Ukraine - poll March 23, 2019
    Whereas the U.S. regime and its allies demand that Crimea be returned to being ruled by the Ukrainian Government, as it had been during 1954-2014 (but Russian at all other times), all polls, ever since at least 2013 (when the U.S. Government started polling this) have shown that approximately 90% of Crimeans want to be […]
  • Pilgrims came from afar to 'worship at Moses' last stand' in Jordan March 23, 2019
    From the summit of Mount Nebo in Jordan, Moses could see Canaan. The patriarch could even see Jerusalem perched on a hilltop on a good day, according to tradition. Moses would never make the trip to the Promised Land, the Bible tells us, but he was buried on that very mountain ridge. Thousands of years […]

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